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Stella / 21 years old / Helsinki, Finland / This blog is about luxurious things only and has been up since 2010. Proud member of the Luxurious Empire Network. This blog gives me motivation to work my ass off to achieve even some if the luxurious things in my life.


I like... Victoria's secret. Starbucks. Candice Swanepoel. Cars. Beauty. Drinks. Travel. Food. Strawberries. Decor. Makeup. Couples. Palm trees. Interior. Tan. Houses. Adriana Lima. Pools. Alessandra Ambrosio. Flowers. Candles. City lights. Beaches. Looks. Champagne. Quotes. Weddings. Men. Sexy. Places. Shoes. Nails. Sushi. Glitter. Shopping. Red Bull. Clubs. Restaurants. Megan Fox. Exotic.


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